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For the Love of Labradorite

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 Labradorite Pendant Necklace

I get giddy walking into a bead store that specializes in semi-precious stones...all of those strands of pretty jewels draped from the walls and twinkling in the light. They look good enough to eat. I can spend hours in a bead store, running my hands over each strand and picturing the designs that could be created with each one.

But, if you told me I could only use one gemstone for the rest of my life and no other, it wouldn't be hard to choose. I would definitely pick Labradorite.

Labradorite is known as a healing stone or crystal. According to crystalvault.com, Labradorite can help calm an anxious mind, reduce stress, and stimulate the imagination. It is associated with self-reliance and introspection, improving confidence and faith in oneself.

Mystical powers aside, I am drawn to Labradorite for its innate beauty and range of color. It can range in hue from a warm dove gray, almost taupe to pale, icy gray to a deep charcoal. In cabochon form, I've seen variations that appear blue, green, or purple - or all three! The stone can appear soft and muted or it can have metallic flashes running throughout it. The variations are endless.

In these boho-style dangle earrings, I paired tiny Labradorite beads with smooth Amethyst teardrops. These little beads have a subtle sparkle to them that is enhanced by the faceting. I think the combination of gray and violet with the oxidized silver is just stunning.

The Labradorite bead I used in this pendant necklace is more of a warm taupe than gray. It feels very natural and earthy with subtle brown veining and speckles and less of the flash you see in other Labradorite variations.

The smooth labradorite stones in this beaded bracelet are a dark charcoal hue and streaked with subtle flashes of silver. The beads can appear almost black at times.

The Labradorite nuggets in these mixed metal dangle earrings are some of my absolute favorites. The organic faceting of each bead enhances the natural quality of the stone. The soft gray is flecked with black and a little white and has a subtle shimmer to it. I love the combination of the Labradorite, Pyrite, oxidized silver and golden brass.

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